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As a BRRISK member, help is available to you in many forms. In the first instance, we recommend you use the ‘Ask Jean’ chatbot or browse our FAQs.


Ask Jean

Use the ‘Ask Jean’ chatbot to ask any question about BRRISK. Alternatively, scroll down to browse the most commonly asked questions.


Technical help

If you’re having trouble joining BRRISK, adding information or generating a report, our technical expert can help.

Send us a technical message


Billing help

If you have a question about something we have charged you for.

You can check-out billing related questions in the FAQs.

Send us a billing message



If you have any feedback or ideas about ways we could improve BRRISK.

Send us a feedback


BRRISK Navigator

If you need one-on-one help with completing BRRISK information, you can book an appointment with a BRRISK Navigator. Appointments are 15 minutes and cost $25. You must be signed into your account to make booking.

Frequently asked questions

Should I continue with a mammogram?

Mammograms are an important screening test.

BRRISK is designed to complement mammograms, not replace them.

Information from your mammogram (breast density score) can be added to BRRISK, providing you with a more accurate picture of your breast cancer risk.

How accurate should my information be?

Ideally, input data should be as accurate as possible.

Errors or omissions in your information can lead to inaccuracies in the risk assessment.

Where is my data stored?

All the personal, medical and family history you enter into BRRISK is stored here in New Zealand. Our commitment is that your data will always remain in the country.

View our privacy policy

Does my doctor (GP) need to receive my report?

Yes. BRRISK has been developed to work in partnership with your general practitioner/family doctor.

The results of BRRISK will assist your GP with the recommendations they make, whether this is additional surveillance, referral to a specialist or genetic assessment.

How often should I generate a new risk assessment report?

The risk of breast cancer changes over time, so we recommend you update your personal details when changes occur or if there has been an update in your family history. Even if your data hasn’t changed, we recommend generating a report annually, because breast cancer risk modifies with age and a report could provide valuable input into your annual check-up with your GP.

Just after your regular mammogram is also a good time to update BRRISK. Remember to ask for your breast density measurement and enter this into BRRISK before you generate an updated report.

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