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A leap forward for breast cancer prevention, BRRISK works with information about your mammogram results, family history, breast cancer genetics, breast density, reproductive history and lifestyle factors to give you a bespoke breast cancer risk assessment report.


How BRRISK works

Anybody with a connected smartphone, laptop or desktop computer can use BRRISK. Getting going is straightforward.

What does BRRISK cost?

Getting BRRISK (aka BRISK) is easy and inexpensive. You’ll pay a once-only joining fee, then an annual subscription. All up, getting BRRISK is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Your first breast cancer risk assessment report is included in your joining fee. When you need to generate another report, a small fee applies.



One-off joining fee

Creation of your BRRISK profile and your first risk assessment report.

  • Profile creation
  • Your data protected by NZ privacy laws
  • Ensure you are properly monitored for breast cancer
  • First 2 risk assessment reports
  • 12 months subscription


Annual subscription

Recommended, because breast cancer risk changes over time.

  • Run annual risk assessment report - maximum 2 reports per annum
  • Access to your information anytime
  • Update your personal or family history  info as changes happen
  • Your data stored in a secure environment in NZ


Risk assessment report

Generate a risk assessment report whenever you like

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Reports on current risk
  • Guide health professionals’ decisions
  • Shared with your health professionals

Get started

How to navigate BRRISK

Want to send a BRRISK gift voucher to a friend or family member?

If someone close to you would benefit from BRRISK, you can give them a $35 voucher towards their membership. We do require payment details so we can capture billing information for annual subscription renewals.

  • Your friend or family member must live in New Zealand
  • Electronic voucher is emailed direct to recipient
  • An email is sent to you to confirm the purchase
Purchase vouchers

Other services


If any kind of cancer runs in your family, how do you know whether it will be a problem for you or your children? Should you get tested for a genetic risk of cancer and what tests are recommended? Talking to a Family Cancer genetic cancer counsellor can answer a lot of confusing questions and help you decide what to do next.

  • Genetic consultation
  • Genetic testing
  • Results analysis
  • Psychological counsellors

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