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Know where you stand with breast cancer - be informed with BRRISK.


Breast cancer risk assessment with BRRISK


BRRISK is a way to do more about preventing breast cancer. It’s an online place that stores and analyses essential information about you, your family history and your breast cancer screens. With BRRISK, you’re helping to manage your personal risk of breast cancer.

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Wondering how to reduce your risk of breast cancer? Like having a mammogram or smear test, personalised breast cancer risk assessment is an important tool to help manage your health.

A BRRISK assessment reveals your personal risk of developing breast cancer. If you’re at increased risk, there are steps you can take to manage this.

Dr Susan Smith talks about BRRISK

"As a New Zealand GP who wants to do more about prevention and early detection of breast cancer, I think BRRISK is revolutionary. I’m saying ‘do it’ to my patients."

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